“What a great workshop! I have had such a great time creating my sign. Ty is such a great teacher. Looking forward to creating many more!”

Myriam Bulz, workshop attendee

“The workshop was spot-on! There were plenty of options to choose from to make it feel like it was MY piece. Coupled with Ty's wisdom and well thought-out system, I was able to create something that I could hang in my house. Fun times and great end product.”

— Kelly Anderson, workshop attendee


I love getting my creative juices flowing with these wood DIY workshops! They are so much fun and really stress relieving. Definitely suggest signing up.

— Arali West, workshop attendee


Ty is so funny and helpful!

I had so much fun at the DIY workshop that I attended with some of my friends. I am not really the artistic type but with all the instructions I received it was super easy and I am so proud! I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to have fun and come home with a awesome sign! I am going to give my master piece to my daughter 

— Holly Swedelson, workshop attendee

“Signing up for a second workshop”

Ty's DIY Wood Workshop made it so simple and fun to create something I never thought I'd do!

— Noemi Ultreras, workshop attendee


"Ty was organized and walked us through each step of the process. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking for a fun and creative experience. Ty will make you feel like a professional."

- Laura Trotter, workshop attendee


Loved by Orange County locals